Reflection and Update (you don’t want to miss this one)

This time last year our family was gearing up for a big adventure. Ryan was heading to Austria to spend time with Syrian Refugees. Friends came over and helped make freezer meals, Ryan and I talked about emergency plans, and we prayed our hearts out for so many things. I was so proud of Ryan…


Our i800 package (application to adopt M specifically) is at the National Benefits Center of USCIS. It will be reviewed by an immigrations officer to make sure all the specifics of the adoption are on point. This routine is done with every adoption to check details of the adopted child’s status, our agency, and that…

A Glimpse of Grief

It burdens this momma greatly to know the conversations that are in our future but how kind is God to prepare our hearts to know the importance of letting grief do the gentle work towards healing.


As I continue my read through Romans I feel God’s encouragement on many fronts. Yesterday I read something that calmed the storm of “waiting” in me. “But if we hope for what we do not see, we eagerly wait for it with perseverance” Romans 8:25
I find it very encouraging that Paul should pair the act of waiting with Perseverance. Perseverance is what you do when you run a race, get a degree, work at a job, and raise children. To liken waiting to those worthy activities validates how truly hard it is to wait.

Bye Bye Baby

And then I guess I got a little emotional. What once started out as a to do list has now turned out to be 3 lb piece of work that Ryan and I worked our butts off to put together. SO… I decided to take a few “last day together” shots. I even felt my heart in my chest as I left the little package at the post office and told the lady to “take care of my baby” Obviously… it’s done a number on us emotionally, physically, and mentally.

So, what do freezers and fundraisers have in common?

All 10 of us women were able to whip up 6 meals each to take home. Thank you to my sweet friends who joined me for a really fun night of laughter, food, and fun. I am grateful that you were willing to invest time and your finances to helping our little girl make her way home. Many of you have been the hands and feet of Jesus since the beginning of this journey. You have encouraged us and walked beside us. What a joy it will be to have her home early next year and celebrate with you.


What’s going on with the Wamsley’s you ask? Well, we are shoulder deep in the jungle of adoption paperwork. Right now we are working on our dossier. It’s a huge bundle of paper work that is filled with passport copies, bank statements, tax returns, pictures of family, birth certificates (x5), marriage certificates, Statements of good health…

Where we are in the Race

Our first donation came about three weeks ago one day after we learned about a sweet little girl in Eastern Europe. Since then we have been given 3/4 of what we need to cover all of our adoption expenses. So thank you dear dear friends. We are on a path towards that beautiful little 4 1/2 year old girl who lives in Eastern Europe. If all goes as we hope and doors stay open she will be home by the spring!

The Day is Near

What an emotional roller coaster these past two weeks have been.  The truth is that the only reason we are pursuing this beautiful gift of adoption is because we live in a completely broken world. It’s an honor that breaks my heart each time I reflect on it. Our first fundraiser is this Friday (….

The fourth Biggest announcement we’ve made since we’ve been married

By bringing her to her forever home and out of that system her likely-hood to thrive will increase dramatically and that’s what adoption is all about. It won’t be easy. Healing always has a sting to it. But that’s the example God has set for us. Counting the cost, even in our brokenness, He adopted us into his family. We cannot wait to throw her in to the mix with her brothers that will love her and protect her like no one else could.

To The Middle Eastern Mother

Every time I closed my eyes I thought of you. I thought of what it must be like as many of you have laid in bed with your own children and heard loud bangs and thunderous cracks. But instead of fireworks you heard bombs exploding and guns firing.