The fourth Biggest announcement we’ve made since we’ve been married

Dear Friends,

The Refugee crisis has been heavy on our hearts since 2011. Ryan’s opportunity to go to Austria and spend time with refugees opened our eyes to the plight of the displaced in a new way and gave us new vision. In April, 6,000 miles apart, Ryan and I made a very big decision. With a resounding and united “YES”, we decided it was time to adopt.

Do you remember the story Jesus shared about the lost coin? A woman had 100 coins and she lost just one coin but she searched everywhere for it. Under the rug. Under the couch. Outside. Upstairs. Everywhere.  And then she finds the coin. And she throws a party! She says “Rejoice with me!  I have found my lost coin!”

We are also searching for what’s missing. Our daughter.

God has chosen a little girl for us in Eastern Europe. Even though we don’t know her name and can only speculate what she may look like we know she is ours. Even Xander knows she is ours because he prays for her each night.

We also know that we can change the destiny that an orphaned life would dictate for her. According to Dana E. Johnson “Children lose one month of linear growth for every three months in the orphanage.” We also know that it’s likely that from the beginning life has been unstable for her. It’s quite possible her birth mother was destitute and single with poor prenatal care and an inadequate diet. It’s also just as feasible to consider that parental rights were terminated because of neglect or abuse. By bringing her to her forever home and out of that system her likely-hood to thrive will increase dramatically and that’s what adoption is all about. It won’t be easy. Healing always has a sting to it. But that’s the example God has set for us. Counting the cost, even in our brokenness, He adopted us into his family.  We cannot wait to throw her in to the mix with her brothers that will love her and protect her like no one else could.

You can be a part of altering her destiny too! The services and fees of adoption will total about $30,000. This covers all related expenses from today until she arrives to stay in her forever home with us and her brothers. Some of the items that are included in these expenses are the gathering of our home study (an important report that describes our family and home), processing and translation of documents, agency and legal fees, and travel. This is an overwhelming amount of money, but with your help and God’s provision, we will bring her home.

We are so thankful to have been able to pay for our home study and it is well on its way towards completion. Our next immediate need is $7,000. This secures our place within our chosen agency as well as processing and translating paperwork that is required by the US and Bulgarian governments. We hope to raise this amount by the end of September.

Above all please pray. Pray for her protection. Pray that wherever she is now she is protected from the brokenness that surrounds her. Pray for us. Pray for us to be filled with God’s wisdom and patient with the wait. Last, pray for provision. We need a lot of money to make this happen. After you pray for protection, wisdom, patience, and provision please pray how God would have you help.

You can donate to us through a great online resource called youcaring and keep track of how your donation is helping to meet our goal. That link is (

Thank you for your love and encouragement and gifts. We can’t wait for the day where we can call on you and say “Rejoice with us! We have brought our daughter home!”


Liz, Ryan, Nicholas, Xander, Eli, and Quinn


photo courtesy of Google. (Thanks GOOGLE!)



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  1. Daisy says:

    I just love this.


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