What’s going on with the Wamsley’s you ask? Well, we are shoulder deep in the jungle of adoption paperwork. Right now we are working on our dossier. It’s a huge bundle of paper work that is filled with passport copies, bank statements, tax returns, pictures of family, birth certificates (x5), marriage certificates, Statements of good health (x5), home study, and more. All of those documents need to be notarized. It’s crazy guys. It all makes sense though, they want to make sure “Little M” is going to a family that will help her meet her true potential. Many people have asked why adoption is so expensive and this is one of those expenses. After these items get shipped to our country in Eastern Europe each line of each paper must be translated. I don’t expect the translators to work for free and so we must pay them. Once the dossier is submitted we then pay our translator and guide and what it will cost to house the crew for three weeks. In my opinion it’s pretty exciting to start paying fees like that.

We are also starting to consider what in the world it will be like to bring our little girl home. We are buckling down with our budget trying to live within and if possible below our means. There is no doubt that medical bills will exist that go outside our normal well visit appointments our other kids are used. I’ve been reading a book called, The Connected Child. Holy. Cow. This book is absolutely phenomenal. It starts off educating the reader of what a child misses out on biologically, emotionally, physically, and mentally when faced with institutionalization, isolation, abuse or lack of stimulation in the early years of life. It continues on the teach the reader how to address the need rather than the behavior that often exists for at-risk children. Children who have experienced trauma in their life often act out of fear. It is a parent’s job to develop “felt trust” so that they can disarm that fear in the child. I highly recommend this book for anyone. I have already begun to make changes in my own parenting behavior so that I am already “trained” to be aware, observant and present. I went back to a not so smart phone in order to practice being present and not distracted by the world at my finger tips. This has made a huge difference already as I feel so much more present with my family.

I know we’ve eluded to it but I thought we would make it clear that we do have a match! We are matched with a sweet little girl. As the country’s government looks over our documents they will have her in mind specifically. However, we had to give a bunch of our information in order to receive information about her so I’d say we’d already been pre-approved. Of course, in the adoption world, I’ve learned nothing is final until it’s really final.

Please keep praying for us. Please pray that God would prepare Little M’s heart to receive us as she will not know who we are until we meet her.We’d also like you to pray for our last bit of finances to come in through grants and the last couple of fundraisers we have going.


Thank you for being on this journey with us!


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  1. daisy says:

    you write beautifully


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