So, what do freezers and fundraisers have in common?

img_20161026_201500285    On Wednesday evening I received a beautiful gift towards our adoption. Health and Fitness Coach, and an all around super sweet and amazing woman, Michele Rudolphi hosted a freezer meal party with all proceeds (her usual commission) going towards the adoption. I was so honored to think that someone would give their time, talent, and resources so joyfully to this cause. I was also so humbled because the gift she gave cost her something. It cost her time with her family and it cost her the resources she uses for her usual parties that she does for profit. It cost her comfort because she was willing to double the amount of women she is used to working with and asked to use space in her church to hold the event (THANK YOU NORTHEAST CHRISTIAN CHURCH!). So Michele, we thank God for you and I definitely look forward to that double date! (Oh Husbands… have we not told you about that yet?)

I highly recommend checking out her facebook page if your interested in what she does and how she can help you live a healthier well balanced life. She’s the real deal and she is passionate about it.

All 10 of us women were able to whip up 6 meals each to take home. Thank you to my sweet friends who joined me for a really fun night of laughter, food, and fun. I am grateful that you were willing to invest time and your finances to helping our little girl make her way home. Many of you have been the hands and feet of Jesus since the beginning of this journey. You have encouraged us and walked beside us. What a joy it will be to have her home early next year and celebrate with you.


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