Bye Bye Baby

Today we delivered our Big Bundle of Joy. It was a lot of work bringing a paper baby in to this world and when I sent her off at the post office it was as nerve wracking as putting my own child into his car seat for the first time.
I want to thank all of you for your kindness as you asked how things were coming along and heard different versions of the same answer for about four months. This is why. 2016-10-29-19-32-16-1
We have spent months collecting important documents and keeping them safe from the world  until they were ready for delivery.

After we finally collected them we had to get them notarized (Thanks ANN!) We then took a trip to Indi to have them apostilled. What’s that? You don’t know either? Turns out it’s an international notary.


So now all those papers are packed away along with a copy of all those papers to go to our agency.

And then I guess I got a little emotional. What once started out as a to do list has now turned out to be 3 lb piece of work that Ryan and I worked our butts off to put together. SO… I decided to take a few “last day together” shots. I even felt my heart in my chest as I left the little package at the post office and told the lady to “take care of my baby” Obviously… it’s done a number on us emotionally, physically, and mentally.

1112161145 Baby’s first car ride 🙂
1112161156 Baby all packed up and ready to go to North Carolina and then off to that special country in Eastern Europe!

image1-2 And of course the proud momma taking a selfy just shortly after. I’d say she looks great after all she’s been through….




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