A Glimpse of Grief

Last week was an emotional one for me. I was elated and excited to hear that our approved and translated paperwork and documents from M’s country had safely arrived to our agency to move to the next step of applying for immigration specifically for her.

Within the paperwork received were details of her life story that will be a gift to her as she begins to ask the hard questions. Questions of why, how, who and when, she will one day want to know. It burdens this momma greatly to know the conversations that are in our future but how kind is God to prepare our hearts to know the importance of letting  grief do the gentle work towards healing.

I myself did my own grieving in preparation for hers. Her paperwork mentioned that she has a favorite friend. My heart has been very heavy knowing the immediate loss that is ahead of her. Her favorite friend isn’t just a little girl she sees every now and then…. it’s someone she does life with everyday. When the newness of her brothers wears off she will, I’m sure, find herself missing her friend. I don’t even know this little girl but because she has done life with my daughter part of me wants to start another fundraiser campaign to bring her home too. I believe God is revealing aspects of his character to me as I wrestle with this grief. I think about God’s willingness to listen as Abraham pleaded for Lot’s life while Lot lived in Soddom. I have this sense of the yearning God must have felt to want to care for someone else because Abraham (whom God was in relationship with) asked for it. Although I don’t know what is in store for her friend I am thankful the Centre (Orphanage) will allow us to take pictures and videos and leave some behind for her friend to keep too. We will include her in our prayers and forever consider her a part of M’s beginning.

As we get close to traveling please be in prayer for her and her friend to have sweet moments of joy and play together. Pray God will continue to prepare her heart for us and ours for hers. Pray also for final preparations to fall into place.


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  1. Cassie says:

    Thanks for sharing Liz! While beautiful, the redemptive work of adoption is always born out of loss. If things were the way they should be, adoption wouldn’t have to happen. Thankful you are able to acknowledge her grief and let it be OK to grieve.

    So grateful you have stepped up for this little one, and I’ll add my prayers to yours for her friend. I’m excited to see what this blessing adds to your family. Praying her family finds her quickly.


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