Our i800 package (application to adopt M specifically) is at the National Benefits Center of USCIS. It will be reviewed by an immigrations officer to make sure all the specifics of the adoption are on point. This routine is done with every adoption to check details of the adopted child’s status, our agency, and that the paperwork is in order. We havent been affected by Trump’s policies on immigration although our hearts are broken for the adoptions that have been. It will be passed on to the NVC  (national visa center) to process her Visa. We will receive magic numbers, our NVC receipt #s, that will allow us to apply for an appointment at the US embassy in Serbia. THEN and FINALLY we buy our tickets. If we have to throw an estimate time frame out there I’d say we’d be traveling end of March.

We continue to see God’s plans unfold in other areas of our lives as we wait. We yearn for the day we get to travel but I marvel that a day isn’t wasted by God. He is always doing something while he’s doing something else. Never ever forget that.

We’ve set a photographer for our first set of family pictures and have our tickets for the Princess Tea Party on Mother’s Day. So much anticipation in our hearts… some days I can barely take it!

Thank you for all your encouragement friends and family. It means a lot that the wait is hard for you too.


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