Reflection and Update (you don’t want to miss this one)

This time last year our family was gearing up for a big adventure. Ryan was heading to Austria to spend time with Syrian Refugees. Friends came over and helped make freezer meals, Ryan and I talked about emergency plans, and we prayed our hearts out for so many things. I was so proud of Ryan and so proud to send him to people we have been praying for four years every night. I still remember him telling me the look of shock and amazement on their faces when, upon introduction, he told them that we have been praying for them so long. These are people who don’t believe they are seen or cared for and to hear that they were…. it meant a lot. During that trip both Ryan and I started feeling an intense desire to adopt. He was in Austria feeling so sure NOW is the time and I was back home spending late nights surfing the internet through scores of children’s profiles waiting to be adopted. Neither of us knew what God was doing in the other person’s heart until we finally “outed” ourselves to each other with this crazy idea. It was such confirmation to both of us that He was indeed calling us to adopt.

So now a year later, we are preparing for our new adventure. We have our tickets booked to go to the same side of the world (but different country) to bring home the little girl that God has called out and set apart for our family. I am not going to post our travel dates here on the World Wide Web but please feel free to ask!
We also learned God has started answering our constant prayer for God to prepare her heart for us. I thank you because I know many of you have also prayed this too. It turns out they have started talking to M about us. They have told her that her parents will be coming soon to see her and be with her. They have shown her pictures of us and have started to introduce her to English.

Please continue to keep us in our prayers because, really, the journey is just beginning. Please pray for us to have eyes to see all that God has prepared for us on this trip. Pray that this experience will help us know the height, width, depth, and length of God’s amazing love for us and our little girl. Pray also for little M who will be going through a HUGE change…. May we have an immeasurable amount of Grace to allow her to process what she can when she can how she can.




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  1. daisy says:

    So many prayers for you and yours. Much Love.


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